Taking some time

I’m feeling lazy I woke at my normal time this morning but with no sence of urgency Luke has gone off to work therefore no rush to get him to school today. Sitting in my rocking chair next to the window drinking my coffee soaking up the beautiful sun streaming through, I can here the birds chirping this is my reminder that spring is here and days like this want last long and the next thing we will be shutting all the curtins trying to keep the hot sun out, even our spring can be hot. I could be loading the dishwasher, pull a few weeds, sweep the floor,  fold the washing, finish the layout that is spread across the kitchen table but here in my chair is just nice taking some time.chair  



Jenni and Jamie



close up

This was using the Urban Garden paper and Flower fancy and Kindred spirits stamps from Stampin Up

both layouts are the same I turned one upside down and placed the photo accordingly this sets your dimensions off each other so to sit flat and not much thinking has to be down about the second layout easy. this was a in house workshop.

This is what I should be doing Jenni’s costume

a sneak preview


wow where has the time gone now I really need to get moving and do some work.

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Mystical Tilda

One Flower, Two Ribbons, Three Brads, Four Papers

Magnolia Down Under Challenge 21

I have been waiting for my new Stampin Up water colour pastels to arrive so I could colour them in, they arrived on Thursday so I sat down yesterday whilst my embroidery sewing machine  is running frantically trying to get Jenni’s dancing costume done before the end if the Month am just starting to get enthused about it now will post some pics later of the costume . Anyway Tilda and the flower was coloured in using my new soft subtle crayons the end result is a little lighter than using ink. I know there is more than one flower but I tried to highlight one and fade the others out.mystical tilda

mystical tilda 2All the little square celtc knots are in glitter where the brads are the photos dont pick it up very well the purple ribbon is velvet

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