I feel like I have been neglecting my blog of late or my attention has been in different directions. Today I went up to do a quick tidy of the Study as I was hopping to get outside and pull some weeds and clean up before putting up some Christmas lights, about two hours later this is what happened.


it all just fell in the frame so easy needless to say I have twice as much mess to clean up now.

I used the clock from the Sence of time stamp set from the spring mini, which I have been wanting to use for a while now, this may be turned into a workshop combining some papers from the urban garden designer series  I can see this as a scrappy page

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We were young once

I caught up with some friends on the weekend and they asked me about our photos of when we were young, did I still have them, so the next day I got out the old albums and had a look if there were any more I could work with, as these are pages I had already created

disco3 disco2 diso

I just wish we had digital cameras back in the good old days I would have so many more pictures and of better quality

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Dream and Believe

These are some pages I created a while ago thought I might share. These are my own font  I created one day when I was without a computer and a printer and the border panel I did one day as I sat on the phone on the edge of a news paper


 The scroll is mine as well some times when you revisit old pages or card you can be re inspired you can forget where you once was as you keep moving forward it pays to look back every now and then.


I have used vellum on the words and scroll

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Last night

Last nights workshop






used the Snow Swirled Stamp set

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Its getting hot

Took some photos of my garden before the heat gets to it and every thing shrinks and wilts, which probably will be by next weekend as we are heading for a week of over 30 degrees….. summer has begungrd1



fake flowers last longerfake

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Distressed Tilda

This one is on its way:claudns1




This card I made for a life time friend of 30 years where did the time go, and its running late for her Birthday so she can get a look before it arrives in the post. I can still remember first meeting her at High School,  her school bag was all most as big as her.  There are stories about our school days but we want go into that.

It does not matter how far away you are from each other or how often you see each other when you do eventually get together it’s as if time has not moved on, or more wrinkles and grey hair has formed or your kids are grown or now your a granny,  you just pick up from last time.

So cheers…….Happy Birthday ………………..Sending lots of Good wishes your way…….

and if she is still talking to me after this post…… lots of more Birthdays ………….growing old non- gracefully

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Made from scrap

I am trying to make my pile of scrap cardstock thinner this one just fell together hardly had to cut or trim




the colours are not a very good example and hard to capture the bling

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Christmas Tilda

I was visiting blogs a couple of nights ago not sure which one I was on some times you just keep going from one to another I saw this colour combo done  with the same Tilda as well I was inspired, so I created my card with the same combo only

snowI have used Parisian Breeze from the Spring mini and riding hood red card stock as well as the same colour inks, and the snow swirled  stamp set

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