Going Slow

Feeling like I am in slow motion and the days and weeks are speeding past me  this week I was going to enter a challenge and that did not happen its now Saturday what have I done with my week not a lot.

But I can post something which will be a classe for the next newsletter,

teasing a little

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These will also be on display at the Fair come down and visit us I’ll be there drop by and say hello.

My inspiration for this project came from a design at Wednesday wishes blog, which I have recently found drop by and have a look.

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Vintage story

Have not worked with the vintage concept for a while now, especially with cards last time was when I did my Heritage Album,  so am having fun with this “the old is new for me”.

come and see these in person they will be on display at the Roadshow Papercrafting Fair at Wayville Show grounds this Sunday

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whats new

Happy new

a long time between posts have been on holiday and just trying to recover from the Christmas and NewYear  have not been idle thou have been planning ahead for the new year will give a small preview of things to come for classes and workshops have desided that occasionaly I will add paterns or small tutorials occasionaly  of some sort.

Iam feeling excited about whats ahead for new year last new year I will admitit was a little sad to see it go.

But lets move forward                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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At the Web

Past classes at the web:

My story


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Mojo 101


amazing I checked this blog before I went to bed last night and there was only a few cards created now there have been about 50 look how many cards you could be making while you are sleeping  its a shame we have to sleep,  when all you do is want to play, trouble is I cant survive on that alone. well here is my attempt of challenge 101

mojo chlgnot one of my best photos does not show the bling

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A quickie

A quick one I made at the beginning of the month this was a birthday card given too a special friend it has achar card parchment lace border I also gave her a matching pendant that I made as well

char card2the border I used  Bella’s border wheel from Stampin up and Flower Fancy on Parchment

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Christmas in July challenge card

Normally every year Jenni dances at the local Irish Pub for Christmas in July this year she had to work and her party was a factor as well. Its became part of her birthday to dance almost a tradition, so we all ways remember Christmas in July,  so here is my card .christmas in july I have been working on inside of cards as well and am playing with the concept of envelopes how can I make them into something special to match the card

christmas in july2


christmas in july3

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Simones card

Spent all morning on this card for Simone’s Birthday should of been doing some house work instead but its her birthday Simone is one week younger than my Jenni  the two of them have grown up together and will be life long friends just like their fathers, how quick are the years passing.

simones card

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Lovin it

Well what can I say having a lot of fun these little Tildas have opened a door and got me thinkin


pink and blue

pink tilda

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