Up Date

Well the news is I have officially launched my own designs with Designs Galore which means the sad part is that my Stampin Up days will end, as I can’t have my cake and eat it too. I am very grateful for what Stampin up has done for me and I will never look back with regret, only with fond memories  and appreciation for the opportunity it gave me to grow it opened doors that I did not even consider starting with blogging as an example.

Speaking of blogging I now have a new blog which will give me a little more extras in some places I will not close this down as I still have my work posted  and is to time consuming to re post everything.

So thankyou for dropping by and if you would like to take the next step here is my link to my new blog



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Storage Space

Just recently I was talking to some dear friends who share the passion for card making and scrapbooking  like myself our discussion was on the storage space we have for our tools everyone has similar problems and sometimes different answers so therefor I decided to post my workspace I share a room which we call the study. So I have limited space, and I do like to have everything within arms reach.

I have draws under the curtain which I am wanting to replace later  for a more modern version

the top draw was turned into a light box

cardstock and pattern paper to my left. I keep my pattern paper grouped together in plastic bags in their own family range

all my stamps to my right the unmounted stamps are kept in the folders

jars are full of ribbon, the idea for the punches hanging on the wall came after my conversation but I need another one and have run out of wall space

I just wish I could keep it this clean all the time

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Its getting hot

Took some photos of my garden before the heat gets to it and every thing shrinks and wilts, which probably will be by next weekend as we are heading for a week of over 30 degrees….. summer has begungrd1



fake flowers last longerfake

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there are some days I wonder why and what am I doing this for ?

then there are days like this that will give you the answers

like a phone call asking if you would like to go together,

a message saying I have saved you a seat

meeting knew people

getting inspired and learning

sharing the passion with those who understand

teaching others

since teaching and joining Stampin up I truly have meet some lovely talented ladies


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a place in my garden

spent a little time playing with the macro settings on my camera could not think of a better time spent first thing in the morning checking out the flowers.

a wonderful thing these digital cameras

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