Tilda the Flapper

Just love this challenge sooooo me  had lots of fun my biggest problem was wanting to do too much on the card,  I know it is supposed to be  shades of blacks and greys but I really wanted a sepia effect I did use black thou so hopefully I am still okay with it .

I took it in different lighting to get a warm tone to it

these are the colours

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Challenge 38

Just a quick one thought I was not sleepy, but now since sitting I feel very ready for bed. Thought I would enter this challenge but after looking at some of the other entries feel humble there are some awesome cards out their in blog world.

her little belly is rounded and so is the jar could not pick it up on the camera

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And again

Could not help it had to make two cards, loving this new cardstock from the summer mini “The Kaleidoscope Series’ its not normally my colours but heaps of fun to work with.

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Challenge 31

Just a quick post, had lots of fun creating these cards

forgot the label fixed it thou

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The first Noel

Well this off the page is a result of a combination of things that inspired me on the weekend  and I put them together to achieve this result which at one time I thought was doomed don’t know if I could teach this as a lot of mistakes were made and not sure if I learnt from them,  but am happy with the end result.

Where did I case this from?…… I have put a link to Normas blog she does lovely work and I visit her a lot her tree I fell in love with and really wanted to give it a go, if you like my tree pop over and see hers. Next the concept of the book came from the recent addition of  scrapbooking memories the artist’s name is Sarah Gladman and her designs and  colours inspired me to create my own I try not to take from others and mine are different, but  as I get pleasure from inspiring others I hope they don’t mind.

the paper used was the Ski slope designer series  from Stampin up’s spring mini I coloured in with Baja breeze and Cameo Coral and of course my ever faithful Aqua painter

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Bits and Pieces

Finally I have finished making my Christmas cards its taken a while thou and I think I am over the theme for a while have some other things I want to create going on in my head, I plan to get most of them in the post today some may arrive close to the new year regretfully as they need to go overseas.

well this one is not Christmas but wanted to use my stamp the Strawberries are coloured with Riding hood Red and my aqua painters also used my red and white water-colour pencil

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challenge 27

I was not sure if it was a card or a decoration so I made both I dont always enter twice but did not want to get the concept wrong and I made it anyway it is a little box to put a little gift in and you can hang it from the tree. Simple and cute

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Yesterday I started to panic I have not bought one present yet as my diary is filling up with dates and I can see December slide away. I love Christmas but it is getting harder every year in the present giving ideas, now Jenni and Luke are older they have entered the too hard to buy for basket  as well.  what do they want for Christmas time off work and the family get together.

Alex and I took a weeks holiday down at Goolwa when we go away I always pack my craft stuff but with limited supply which always is challenging on its own,  this time was to complete Christmas cards, when I sat down to create I realised I did not bring much base card stock  so I really had to make do as the local craft shop is in the next town.


 challenge 27 decoration/cards

this is my card below the inserts are vellum absolutely beautiful cardstock with matching vellum one of my favourites at the moment

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Distressed Tilda

This one is on its way:claudns1




This card I made for a life time friend of 30 years where did the time go, and its running late for her Birthday so she can get a look before it arrives in the post. I can still remember first meeting her at High School,  her school bag was all most as big as her.  There are stories about our school days but we want go into that.

It does not matter how far away you are from each other or how often you see each other when you do eventually get together it’s as if time has not moved on, or more wrinkles and grey hair has formed or your kids are grown or now your a granny,  you just pick up from last time.

So cheers…….Happy Birthday ………………..Sending lots of Good wishes your way…….

and if she is still talking to me after this post…… lots of more Birthdays ………….growing old non- gracefully

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Christmas Tilda

I was visiting blogs a couple of nights ago not sure which one I was on some times you just keep going from one to another I saw this colour combo done  with the same Tilda as well I was inspired, so I created my card with the same combo only

snowI have used Parisian Breeze from the Spring mini and riding hood red card stock as well as the same colour inks, and the snow swirled  stamp set

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