A long Time

Its been a while between posts have had my head down and trying very hard to produce what was going on in there, hit a few hurdles and was not happy.  Took me a while to find myself again, because of my creative block and the frustration I was feeling I learnt a lesson about myself and my style.

   So here are my projects.

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Where have I been

Ive been there and back

Wow its been a long time between posts

The past few weeks have been crazy I was pulling split shifts,working at the shop and then going off to work at night meanwhile trying frantically to finish Jennifer’s dress.

We then went off to Geelong for the National Irish Dancing Championships for a week

Jenni danced her first dance beautifully and was very happy and confident,  she then went on to dance her soft shoe as she was landing a bone in her foot broke  she then rolled her ankle. Now she is in plaster for six weeksjen hospital


Jenni’s dress



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Lots of photos

Okay was very pleased with the end result  hence I took lots of pictures of my two matching off the pages and the card. A couple of days before the show Charlotte gave me two lace motifs and said “these are for you to make something with”, so 4 days later I showed her a rough idea as to what I was thinking and she was happy with the concept and that was without the hatpin and broach cushion and card. Don’t know if we could do a class on it, all up it took me about 3 days to put together  as there was a lot of prep to do before assembling it r1



r4This is the hat pin and broach cushion


r8and the matching card don’t know if I will be able to get this one in a envelope

r6I am thinking that Charlotte will be happy too with the end result.Looking forward to giving this to her tomorrow

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Have been busy

O kay a quick post have been very busy this week, here are some pics of this weekends show, as I must do some house work,  I just got called in early to work that has been happening a lot lately the fine balance that I have going on is getting out of balance lately Iam getting behind in a lot of things.

badgemy badge Lyn made for me I treasure this and just love it

show 1this is my favourite part of the stall we had at the scrapbooking and card making fair

  what a great day it was


this is soooooo me, velvet flowers and beads! was I in my element or what




this is my display board for the stampin up stall no I did not work both or double dipped I am not a traitor either some times its just hard when you have a pasion for all things this was borrowed and if the girls got any thing from I am glad show4this is a photo of my grandmother it is surrounded by parchment flowers stamped with flower fancy stamp set  and this accompanied my display board along with my fifth avenue box

okay time to do house work

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Doing other Stuff

This past week I made a diversion into beading sometimes it is good to go off and work with different  mediums, this all came about wanting a necklace to match a Burgundy top, I had garnet beads but they looked to dark and plain hence I ended up taking a class on glass fusing, the best thing about glass fusing is every pendant is completely different, Iam not sure how far I will take this but I had fun

black elegance

blue pendant

dark delight

garnet 1



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This album I just recently finished I rushed it a bit I painted on it and embroidered as well I have a fancy embroidery machine. I will be taking this one with me to my workshops as it holds my cards and page displays

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one of my albums

this is one of my albums I designed covered and embroidered

I digitized the edge and used my embroidery machine then ribbon embroidered around the picture

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My table

bought this table to take to my Stampin up parties to put my stamps on as I demonstrate and I could not help my self but I had to paint it. May still keep painting I was thinking about painting on the legs as well.

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