Challenge 31

Just a quick post, had lots of fun creating these cards

forgot the label fixed it thou

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What do you think

have had some concepts going on in my head for a while and like most we all have dreams and aspirations or commonly none as BIG IDEAS

well here is my concept:

A design that needs fine tuning

and turned into this

same concept but turned into cards

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Storage Space

Just recently I was talking to some dear friends who share the passion for card making and scrapbooking  like myself our discussion was on the storage space we have for our tools everyone has similar problems and sometimes different answers so therefor I decided to post my workspace I share a room which we call the study. So I have limited space, and I do like to have everything within arms reach.

I have draws under the curtain which I am wanting to replace later  for a more modern version

the top draw was turned into a light box

cardstock and pattern paper to my left. I keep my pattern paper grouped together in plastic bags in their own family range

all my stamps to my right the unmounted stamps are kept in the folders

jars are full of ribbon, the idea for the punches hanging on the wall came after my conversation but I need another one and have run out of wall space

I just wish I could keep it this clean all the time

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whats new

Happy new

a long time between posts have been on holiday and just trying to recover from the Christmas and NewYear  have not been idle thou have been planning ahead for the new year will give a small preview of things to come for classes and workshops have desided that occasionaly I will add paterns or small tutorials occasionaly  of some sort.

Iam feeling excited about whats ahead for new year last new year I will admitit was a little sad to see it go.

But lets move forward                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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basic knowledge

Things everyone thinks you should know but forgets to tell anyone to start with and you are afraid to ask for the fear of seeming  dumb:


Pigment ink

Pigment ink is a slow drying ink commonly used for  wet embossing, is acid free and fade resistant. Pigment ink can be used without embossing as long it is given adequate time to dry, can be improved using a heat gun to set the ink

Dye ink

Dye ink pads are a water based quick drying ink they are acid free permanent and sometimes waterproof if indicated on label. Dye ink cannot embossed unless you add a clear embossing ink to it. Dye ink is used for distressing with distressing blocks also combined with blender pens or aqua painters is great for colouring instead of markers.

Chalk inks

Chalk inks are a fast drying ink providing a rich saturated opaque result, chalk cannot be wet embossed. Acid free is resistant to smearing, bleeding and fading. Works well on dark cardstock.

Stazz on ink

Stazz on ink is a solvent based ink that can be stamped on most surfaces the result is a permanent waterproof stamped image. Use on outlined stamped images if using aqua painter or blender pens, cannot be embossed or distressed as the ink will dry on the stamp if not used immediately. To remove ink from the stamps a special cleaner needs to be used

In conclusion:

There are many different types of inks around and with different names I have only covered the basics when looking at purchasing ink all you really want to know is what type is it a Dye, pigment, chalk or permanent and of course if scrapbooking acid free. For years most of my inks I used were pigment or chalk but now I have a large collection of dye which I use all the time, the only problem I have found with dye is they do not work well with my clear polymer stamps or stamp well on vellum, so then I have to switch to pigment or chalk. I think it’s about what colour result you are looking for what stamp and where are you stamping, which will determine what ink is bet for the job.

 When distressing with a block I mostly use dye ink but there are occasions when chalk or pigment may need to be used the result maybe slightly different but it is perfectly fine to do so the same applies for when painting with my aqua painters.

Happy crafting

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The first Noel

Well this off the page is a result of a combination of things that inspired me on the weekend  and I put them together to achieve this result which at one time I thought was doomed don’t know if I could teach this as a lot of mistakes were made and not sure if I learnt from them,  but am happy with the end result.

Where did I case this from?…… I have put a link to Normas blog she does lovely work and I visit her a lot her tree I fell in love with and really wanted to give it a go, if you like my tree pop over and see hers. Next the concept of the book came from the recent addition of  scrapbooking memories the artist’s name is Sarah Gladman and her designs and  colours inspired me to create my own I try not to take from others and mine are different, but  as I get pleasure from inspiring others I hope they don’t mind.

the paper used was the Ski slope designer series  from Stampin up’s spring mini I coloured in with Baja breeze and Cameo Coral and of course my ever faithful Aqua painter

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Bits and Pieces

Finally I have finished making my Christmas cards its taken a while thou and I think I am over the theme for a while have some other things I want to create going on in my head, I plan to get most of them in the post today some may arrive close to the new year regretfully as they need to go overseas.

well this one is not Christmas but wanted to use my stamp the Strawberries are coloured with Riding hood Red and my aqua painters also used my red and white water-colour pencil

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challenge 27

I was not sure if it was a card or a decoration so I made both I dont always enter twice but did not want to get the concept wrong and I made it anyway it is a little box to put a little gift in and you can hang it from the tree. Simple and cute

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Yesterday I started to panic I have not bought one present yet as my diary is filling up with dates and I can see December slide away. I love Christmas but it is getting harder every year in the present giving ideas, now Jenni and Luke are older they have entered the too hard to buy for basket  as well.  what do they want for Christmas time off work and the family get together.

Alex and I took a weeks holiday down at Goolwa when we go away I always pack my craft stuff but with limited supply which always is challenging on its own,  this time was to complete Christmas cards, when I sat down to create I realised I did not bring much base card stock  so I really had to make do as the local craft shop is in the next town.


 challenge 27 decoration/cards

this is my card below the inserts are vellum absolutely beautiful cardstock with matching vellum one of my favourites at the moment

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I feel like I have been neglecting my blog of late or my attention has been in different directions. Today I went up to do a quick tidy of the Study as I was hopping to get outside and pull some weeds and clean up before putting up some Christmas lights, about two hours later this is what happened.


it all just fell in the frame so easy needless to say I have twice as much mess to clean up now.

I used the clock from the Sence of time stamp set from the spring mini, which I have been wanting to use for a while now, this may be turned into a workshop combining some papers from the urban garden designer series  I can see this as a scrappy page

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